Truffle oil


Truffle flavored oil with an unmistakable scent. Perfect for salads and crudités, more rustic soups, omelettes. Ideal for seasoning pasta first courses, whipping risotto, with meat and fish main courses of all kinds; Season omelettes and omelettes and flavor pizzas and focaccias.

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Truffle flavored oil with an unmistakable scent is the touch of unique taste that will take your dishes to a new level. Perfect in particular to add to salads and crudités, or even with more rustic soups, omelettes. The oil flavored with truffles is ideal for seasoning pasta dishes, creaming a risotto, with second courses of meat and fish of all kinds; perfect for making omelettes and omelettes; to flavor pizzas and focaccias, croutons and bruschetta, mushrooms, vegetable soups and delicious salads.

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