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About us

Own production

The products sold are exclusively produced by the Company

Respect for nature

Cultivation in full respect of nature, without pesticides and chemical additives

Biological transition

Organic transition company from 2020

From the producer to the table

0 km products, which retain all the organoleptic properties


The history of the company

The Pian di Boccio tourism company was founded in the early 1980s as a campsite.
In 2001, the Belsito farmhouse was added.
The structure is divided as follows: the farm which includes 70 hectares of woods, olive groves, walnut trees, fruit trees, a vegetable garden and the farmhouse; 16 hectares of camping and various services.

From the beginning we have produced extra virgin olive oil and a few years later we have introduced various types of jams, vegetables in oil and tomato sauces.

Our products are made following the techniques that our grandparents used, completely natural and free of preservatives.


The Company team